Friday, February 12, 2010

One At A Time

I’ve been extremely busy for the past 3 months. So busy that my bedroom began to resemble the inside of a Dempster Dumpster. Clean clothes, dirty clothes, mail I had no time to peruse and decide whether to keep or toss, mail I need to throw away but should maybe look one last time, mail I want to keep but don’t know where, books I’ve finished reading, books I want to read, books I have no intention of reading, books I need to return to their owner, books I want to put in a prominent place to loan to someone else. The list goes on.
I’ve been saying for a month I’m going to clean it. But it’s easier to just stay out of the room or sit at my computer where my back is turned to the mess except what is on my desk, easier later to turn out the light and stumble over baskets of clothes as I make my way to bed.
Two days ago was the target date to begin cleaning the room but I stood in dismay surveying the chaos and praying “Lord, how am I going to do this?” Immediately my eyes fell on a book that needed to be taken to the parlor and put in the bookshelf there and the Lord spoke clearly to my heart, “One book at a time.” Relief flooded me and instead of waiting around to see if another book needed to go to my parlor I picked it up and went and put it away.
Not only has the principle worked as “one piece of clothing at a time” and “one paper at a time,” it’s flooding over to the rest of my life.
I was tempted to pass on some gossip and I heard “One word at a time,” and I shut my mouth. I was attacked by a fear and I heard “one thought at a time” and I quoted God’s Word of promise aloud. I wanted to do something that would help me but somebody else needed it more than I did, and I heard “One sacrifice at a time.”

I've seen that my soul, the souls of most of us, get like my bedroom, cluttered with unneccessary stuff, stuff we try to ignore, stuff that is good but just needs to be put in it's proper place.
I’m beginning to realize that “Give us this day our daily bread.” is more than just a request for provision; it’s a principle of life. I remember that song, “One day at a time, sweet Jesus. That’s all I’m asking of you.” I think the person who wrote that is farther on the journey than I am because for me it’s “One second at a time, sweet Jesus. That’s how much I always need you!”
And aren't we glad that He promised, "I will never leave you or forsake you." Hebrews 13:5