Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Progression of Perfection

I'm so glad to be back with my blog. For one thing, the Voice of Joy Website belongs to someone else and I have no access to update it  - and the person who can is extremely busy. So I'll use this blog spot (now that I figured out how to use it again - I'm so technically challenged!) to share and give information about retreats, seminars, meetings etc.

To start out re-blogging, I think I'd like to share something the Lord showed me last year. We know that when we are born again, we are not automatically perfect - not by a long shot! So below is a "Progression of Perfection" so we can obey the commandment Jesus gave us "Be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48. Perfect means whole and complete. So we fallen humans start on a journey.


1. Salvation - Recognition of Imperfection (Sin is 'missing the mark of perfection')
2. Receive - Mercy and Forgiveness through Jesus' sacrifice for you.
3. Learn - Commit to learning God's Word

1. Recognize and Reject Idols - Anything that is more important to you than God
2. Forgive - Learn to forgive self and others (not excuse bad behavior - send it to the cross)
3. Relationship - Develop loving intimacy with God

Awareness - Be aware that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit in the earth
Receive - Receive the gifts that the Lord wants to give to you and through you
Obey - Be increasingly aware of God with you every moment; hear and obey His voice.